Massage Therapy, Chinese Massage, GuaSha, and Cupping

Massage and Holistic Healing with Alec (LMT)

Alec originally became interested in massage after being a patient of the great Dr. Ching Ting of Tuina and Acupressure.  "It as this experience that caused me to become a true believer in massage therapy after completely being healed of tendonitis in two months.  As a result I have developed a strong desire to help others in recovering from injuries, reducing chronic pains, or assisting in relieving depression/anxiety.  I have experienced all three conditions in some way before, and I am able to deal with each client without judgment, and with compassion."   

"Another strength I have is the ability to treat a diverse group of clients with a wide range of conditions through my year working at the P.H. Ling Clinic of the Swedish Institute as well as my 3 years at Gramercy Park Rehabilitation.  I have helped countless clients with spinal problems, sciatica, chronic joint pains, tendonitis, or depression problems."   

"Finally, I feel that through my extensive Chi Gung and Tai Chi training, I have the quietness and calmness of mind necessary to give a massage while being present in the moment, and alert to my client’s reaction to the work.  I can always listen to the client’s body and respond accordingly."    

"I use all the modalities I have learned, including shiatsu, tuina, swedish massage, and reflexology to return a normal flow of blood and chi to the body, as well as return blalance and a great sense of well being to them."

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