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We are credential and in the network of  Cigna, BCBS ,Emblem and Aetna, endorsed by American specialty health group  



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Acupuncture & TCM


Learn abou the benefits of combining Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. We offer in cupping  and moxa with acupuncture, and specialize in pain management and  women's health, and acupuncture for fertility or infertility , IVF  acupuncture support,pregnancy support, lactation or postpartum help, acupuncture also help to strengthen fetus development, adjust fetus position, stimulate natural labor. We have helped a lot of women to get pregnant and maintain a health pregnancy until natural born, all need acupuncture help, Many celebrates including Princess Megan high praise acupuncture on the  great support from  single life to  family life

Personalized care


We give each patient our full attention patient one time , one time one and professional care, We treat one different  approach, our acupuncture  is private and exclusive in New York , the protocol and herbs formulas we prescribed is customized.we offer free Acupuncture treatments for VETERANs, please dont hesitate to contact with us if you need help,we can help and heal you from the condition you got from military services and support you to find a new life.

We speak English, Spanish, Chinese, 

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We're here to help you and answer all your questions including lifestyle, food suggestion or insurance coverage, We accept the major insurance    including NYSHIP,CIGNA,United Health Care,FSA, HSA,send us your insurance  plan and find out your acupuncture coverage.

We are credential acupuncturist  of  New York and in the network of  EmblemHealth , BCBS and endorsed by American specialty health group , You can book appointment and find the book  bottom below 

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Individualized treatment plans and professional care. The health and well-being of each patient is our focus. Unlike the most clinic to treat , we  only treat  one patient once  a time, the patient get all the attention and care on their schedule hour.

Wellness Workshops and events


Our Health Workshops are unique and engaging. Designed to be life-changing for your health and well-being# Acupuncture for fertility



Lotus Heals answers some frequently asked questions about Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Treatments and lifestyle and insurance plan, our consultation is free.