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All of our testimonials are from our patients who were so kind enough to share their experiences and very personal ones, that might help someone else who share similar conditions.

I have been treated by several different acupuncturists for my prostate problems, and the pain in my lower back, and groin area has never been relieved so profoundly like I had with the treatment from Lotus.  I am so happy, amazed actually, that my urination is normal now, and pain free the whole week after my treatment.  My body feels lighter, and I feel relief, like I am new again.  I can't really explain this feeling to someone who has no idea what it is like to go through something like this. 

 -Alfred 60 yrs

I am from Madrid,Spain, just temporally living in New York, I do not speak English very well, my first acupuncture treatment was impressive, Lotus not just impressed me with her fluent Spanish and her professional questions and diagnosis, also the gentle and effectiveness of the treatment. I have constant lower back pain over 1 year, Lotus tell me I possibly have Osteoarthritis from my finger and nail shape, my pain is related with this condition. She asked me to check with MD, but made my lower back pain go away immediately after the treatment. 

 -Coneha 50 yrs 

I have suffered for many years of PMS and irregular menstrual cycle,  This has been a constant and miserable part of my life that I had no control over.   I met with Lotus and she asked me questions about my health and monthly cycle experiences, then she treated me with acupuncture, explaining what I might experience after the first treatment.  What I experienced, is not having PMS, and my menstrual cycle is now regular, there is no pain, no cramping, and no more spotting, everything is smooth, and instead of being miserable, I feel good, happy, and energized.  Tears of joy.  Thank you Lotus.


Lotus Huang was the answer to my prayers.  I have a been in severe pain for so many years to due to a herniated disc in my neck.  The condition has not changed, however, the associated chronic pain from the injury has been almost completely eliminated, and my range of motion, which was severely affected, has now been restored.   

- Catherine E.

I am a newly graduated western medical student and practicing internal medicine in the hospital, always trying to be healthy and strong as possible, I have always been skeptical with Chinese medicine. I had L4 hernia disc surgery before, recently I tore my neck after I did excessive exercise, SCM muscle is torn and neck muscle group have spasm once I turn my neck. ROM of my neck is limited. My hospital has no other solution except taking pain killers and rest.  I visited Lotus for acupuncture treatment after she did a presentation in my office. The amazing result from her, was that my pain and muscle spasm stopped, and the ROM of neck is recovered totally. So, I made an other appointment with her for my hernia disc prevention and care.  Lotus change my medical professional view of how to treat a patient and changed my view  of TCM because of Lotus and results of her treatments. 


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